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Magic Trick: The World's Easiest Card Trick

Card tricks can be difficult. All that sleight of hand and fiddling, it's enough to make you give up. Not this trick!

1) Before you begin, sneak a peak at the bottom card of your deck of cards then hand it to your friends.

Remember that card. If you forget it, the trick doesn't work.

2) Have your friend deal the cards one by one face down on to the table and stop whenever they like.

3) Have your friend remember the last card they dealt down but don't let them show you.

4) Ask your friend to drop the deck of the cards in her hands onto the top of the pile of cards on the table, sandwiching the card they are thinking of in the middle.

5) Have your friend cut the deck in half and put the bottom half on the top. They can do this as many times as they want.

6) All you need to do to find their card is spread through the deck and find the card next to the one you remembered.

So long as your friend doesn't see you remembering that bottom card, you can't lose.

If you have any questions about the trick, shoot me a message.

Tricky Nick

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