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Five Of Tricky Nick's Favourite Melbourne Party Locations

I used to hate going to party venues. They were soulless places with flickering flouro lights and luke warm party pies. Parties should be held at home, I believed, in lounge rooms with homemade fairy bread.

That's all changed now.

There are dozens of wonderful party venues across Melbourne that kids and parents both love. Here's some of this Melbourne magicians favourites:


Eco-friendly with homely feel and a relaxing home-spun setting, Apples and Jam provide the easiest parties for parents.

Their team are friendly and the large room, at the top of the stairs in an old South Melbourne church, is packed with toys, decorations and quaint furnishings.

Perfect for under sixies.


The exact opposite of Apples and Jam is Croc's. Every one of their venues is a madhouse, an ultra modern play centre with equipment, toys and games to blow the minds of every kid who sets foot in the joint.

Ball shooting guns, scooter race tracks and slides, slides and more slides make this a great place to burn off the energy of older kids.

And there's a Muffin Break for the parents to escape the insanity.


Wait. Hear me out.

I know it's famous for it's sprawling lawns, painting studios and nanna's eating scones but this Eltham arts community also has a large, catacomb style building out the back that is perfect for Harry Potter themed birthday parties.

I've been a magician at several amazing parties there and, I swear, there is something just magical about the place.


Animals. Lots and lots of animals.

Do I need to say more?

It's expensive and can be crowded in the school holidays. Parking is nightmare and there is a very little shade out among the rides.

But all of that aside, it's Luna Park, a Melbourne icon. There is something magical about passing through that giant mouth that creates memories kids just don't forgot. If you can afford it, Luna Park is a special place for a Melbourne kid's party.

No matter venue you choice, remember that the post important factor is the people you invite. Kids will have fun with two cardboard boxes in the garage if they're with their friends.

And hiring a magician. Always hire a magican.

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