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"Johnson...has certainly dealt us an excellent hand, at once exciting and intriguing, along with a nice sprinkling of wry humour." 

- The Age
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I've written two books for big kids (or "adults" as we call them in the biz). Now I've written my first ever book for kids.


This is my absolutely not-made-up story of my magical greatness.


I learnt my first trick when I was ten and now I'll teach it to you (plus a whole bunch more). You'll also meet Trixie, a magical mystery girl, the strange B.U.M (Brotherhood of United Magicians) and find out other Top Secret Stuff I can't reveal just yet.

This tale is so incredible, so unbelievable, you'll swear I'm making it up.


But you can trust me, I'm a magician ...

Tricky Nick is out in 2020 through Pan MacMillan.

You can preorder it today!


Tricky Nick - Melbourne Magician 2019