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Party Tips: How To Deal With Difficult Kids (That Aren't Yours)

It's your child's big day; The food is ready and the decorations set. Your child grinning from ear to ear and all your guests are having a ball.

Except for one.

There's that one little monster who is stealing presents, throwing food and cheating at party games. He's giving you a headache and, worse still, he's ruining the party for everyone else.

So how do you handle him?

The first thing to remember is that she's not your child. That means, luckily, you don't have to deal with her for very long. Two hours and she'll be out of your hair.

But it also means you there isn't always a lot you can do to disipline naughty children.

As an entertainer, I can't raise my voice or even be too serious with troublemakers. Instead, I've developed a five step system that I use when performing to make sure everyone (naughty kids included) have fun.

Step One: Prevention

Put away the breakables, lock up the dog or, better still, have the party at a community hall where even the naughiest kid will have difficultity causing mischeif.

Step Two: Distraction

Give your troublemaker something to do. Feed him, play a game with him or even ask him to do a special job. I often ask the older kids at parties to be my 'bodyguards' it makes them feel responsible while keeping them busy.

Step Three: Ask Nicely

Often, we forgot to actually ask the troublemakers to behave. You'd be suprised how many children will stop being naughty if you ask. Their behaviour might be perfectly acceptable at home and that just need to be informed of the house rules.

Step Four: Isolate

If you need to ask a child to have a bit of time by themselves, that is perfectly OK. Don't think of it as an official 'Time Out' or even a punishment, just have them sit out for five minutes to catch their breath and calm down.

Mention that you might have to call Mum or Dad.

Step Five: Call for reinforcements

If a child's behaviour is just too much, don't be afraid to call their mum and dad. Personally, I've never had to reach this step myself but I have a whole box of tricks to keep audience's happy.

However, if you've a child is too naughty for you, call home.

Hopefully that will give you a few ideas for dealing with troublesome children.

Just remember, you should be able to have fun too so keep calm and relax!

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