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I used to hate going to party venues. They were soulless places with flickering flouro lights and luke warm party pies. Parties should be held at home, I believed, in lounge rooms with homemade fairy bread.


That's all changed now. 


There are dozens of wonderful party v...

My friend Sarah worked for close to a decade as Melbourne's top Fairy.


Each weekend she would make the day of half dozen little girls with her colourful mix of magic, puppetry and sparkles. 


The children would sit on little toadstool pillows and hear stories of her mag...

Tricky Nick shows Lauren and Andrew how to make snow in summer with this very cool polymer.


Melbourne magician Tricky Nick is available for science show at primary schools.


It's your child's big day; The food is ready and the decorations set. Your child grinning from ear to ear and all your guests are having a ball.


Except for one. 


There's that one little monster who is stealing presents, throwing food and cheating at party g...

I dropped by Kid's WB on the weeked to show Lauren and Andrew how sand castles stick together and how that creepy Kinetic Sand stuff works.





Tricky Nick shows Lauren and Shane how to make a cool fountain using a couple of old soft drink bottles on Channel 9's Kid's WB.


Melbourne magician and science guy Tricky Nick is available for primary school science incursions



I don't limit the number of children you can invite when I perform magic shows perform at kid's parties. Five children or fifty, it’s all the same to me.


After all, I always pack a PA system to save my voice and I love jumping in and performing for a massive crowd of...


Check out this cool experiment from Tricky Nick as he attempts to blow up a giant balloon with just one breath.


How is it possible? 


Watch and see...


Or for more information on Tricky Nick's Science Shows, click here

There are a dozens of different options you could consider when hunting down the perfect venue to have your child's birthday...and, as a Melbourne magician, I've seen them all! 


I've performed everywhere from parks to parliament houses, from homes to horse stables. If...


Tricky Nick knows how to walk on broken eggs without breaking one of them.


In this cool experiment, Tricky Nick shows Lauren and Shane just how easy it is to walk on regular old chicken eggs without breaking one of them.





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(I am currently only available for public events and schools at the moment. However, I'm happy to recommend some AMAZING magicians for your birthday party or other private event.)